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Limited Skins in Infinit War events

I think we should have some Infinity Wars events. Like in Christmass have a limited skin drop only avaible in Infinit War Box. Like Ethan said Infinit War will be paid, so it would make people burn some HON to have a Ticket and it will be fun. This "Limited Skin" that I mentioned is a so hard to drop Skin that will be avaible only in the event week like in Christmass. It would make player to buy HON in Pancakeswap just to try to pick at least one Limited Skin. And also, make people hold their HON to an unknown future event.

This is just my dream beacause I know it probably is expensive even though it's a good marketing ploy, but in a even better scenario it would be a cross over event with some character of a big game or an anime character. (I prefer anime characters).

I just read a similar suggestion in this link:

And there I wrote why Infinit War is the best mode to receve an event:
-Rise the HON value because it will be burned and make it more valuable and also encourage players to hold it for future events.
-Make the structure more cheap (using an mode that already exists), that way it can be implemented more soon, cost less and Infinit War is a very fun mode.
-Infinit War rewards the player and not the Pay to Win, so more people would be encouraged to participate.


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