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Time-limited event stages

add event stages where players can get Time-limited NFT rewards? Since these are limited NFTs maybe the supply can be limited as well so that the items have more value and maybe can be traded in secondary marketplaces?

Neospace Hero

2 years ago


I just writed a similar suggestion. This is a old one, but in the present (my present) our game CEO Ethan just said that Infinit War will be back with a cost in HON to participate. So I suggested to add this events in Infinit War to:

  • Rise the HON value because it will be burned and make it more valuable and also encourage players to hold it for future events.
  • Make the structure more cheap (using an mode that already exists), that way it can be implemented more soon, cost less and Infinit War is a very fun mode.
  • Infinit War rewards the player and not the Pay to Win, so more people would be encouraged to participate.

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