Transfer NFTs within the guild

💪 Now available

Transferring NFTs will allow guilds to assemble the best options for team lineup.

11 months ago

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10 months ago


nft should be able to transfer between account ,for a charge ?not just for a guild

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Ability to transfer NFTs. That's it, period. Just like how NFTs should be. Make fixes around this idea If there will be potential multi accounting problem that may arise. Not the other way around.

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NOPE, its not transparant at all. some GM could cheat the system, some guild said they will give commision to scholar if they could get a good NFT and the GM could sold it on MP but if they didnt sell it any and transfer it to another account it would be consider to cheat.

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Some levels require certain characters or weapons to complete the missions. Some boss levels would be easier if I wasn’t restricted to four characters I was randomly given

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A must have for meee!

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