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Suggestions for utility of blue gear. Read please.

Most of the blue gears are terrible and the only purpose of them is to flood the market and make it harder to find the items we really want. Besides that, it turns our gains into an unknown state.

My suggestion is directed to reduce the frustration of dropping blue gear.

X Blue gears = 1 lottery ticket (or a lottery ticket piece)
X Blue gears = Tottaly random NFT box (Or a box piece)
X Blue gears = Infinity war tickets

3 Gears with 1 stats = 1 Gear with 2 Stats
3 Gears with 2 stats = 1 Gear with 3 Stats
3 Gears with 3 stats = 1 gear with 4 stats

Destroy X blue gears to improve rewards from daily quest.


2 years ago

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