Stop the Marketplace bots and fix its issues

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It's been talked about many times in the server by some of the top players that there's mechanisms in place where a few people take advantage of the marketplace with their programming knowledge.

  • They're able to see assets before they're displayed in the marketplace, they can filter by stats / name and they're able to create programs that auto-buys very cheap items to sell them much more expensive.

  • There's also the possibility to gift NFTs through the blockchain, as some people have tried and claimed they were able to do it, which is very dangerous as they could multi-account with just a few characters.

  • Also, there's many issues where the NFTs get stuck in the blockchain and many people have lost their assets many times.

Before we work on anything else, the focus should be to create a safe environment free of manipulators and cheaters, as this is extremely dangerous for the stability of the project.

1 year ago


this is common sense, no need to remind dev actually but if it still needed a vote then this is a to-do-list to any players in here

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Agreed, this should be a top priority

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Please guys, stop everything and solve this.... i have 4 nfts stucked on mkt..... its impossible to keep having this issues

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