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Require WND to open a supply / weapon chest.

Right now, our problem is:

  • Oversupply of NFT, leading to dropping NFT Price.
  • Limited utility for WND (only for upgrading, and users most likely won't upgrade after they hit 10/10).
  • Incoming massive supply for WND (From PVP) and WND demand is still the same. We will probably see massive drop in WND price if we do not act now.

Implement a feature where all box dropped is locked, and users will need to pay around 5 WND to open the box. This will

  • Reduce NFT supply because the user won't be able to open boxes as freely as before.
  • Give limitations to farm bots, since they can't just spam low-level stages for boxes.
  • Increases WND demand.
  • Combined with NFT combining (3 NFT for 1 stronger NFT), we will be able to increase the floor price of NFT slowly due to the fact that each NFT now requires 5 WND to mint.

2 years ago

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