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Remove NFT drops or make them very rare drops on PVE

Marketplace is flooded with nfts right now, making the prices of nfts very cheap. I think removing skin and weapon drops from story mode will be good. Equipment drops would be nice but there should be a mechanic that you can reroll the stats by using other equipments. Let the weekly skin/weapon drop stay for players to earn nfts and from pvp or events, that way the prices on the marketplace will not drop too much.

An Angel Guy Xxx

2 years ago

Willz Pacamz

For me its ok i guess the solution for that is mr. Dev will make a monthly quest and make a 3month quest and that box will give a 5star skin or weapon WHy? They might have a worst drop for the 1st month and the 2nd month so the 3rd month will make them still motivated ..and thats the only box that will have a skin or weapon and the weekly box will give you a random no. Or WND coins or HON.

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