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reduce the cost of enhance/modify

the cost is currently too high, for perpective: to enhance and modify 10/10
Wnd = 0.815
Hon = 0.007
WNDcost= (24.6+28.4) Wnd = 42.315USDT
HONcost = (3330 +3420 )
Hon = 47.25USDT

this may add to the pricing aspect of the tokens, but imo, this have several very bad downside

  • discourage item recovery as players will opt to just stay with current items to prevent extreme cost of upgrades so to TEST it in their current stages

  • reduce marketplace revenue as less player are will to risk trying new items as they know if they are wrong , their cost to upgrade would not fully get price into their selling price (basic economics, if im selling as a set, the price i can set is always lower than the price of the 2 items combined)

  • imo the fun of games that let u have different hero and skills is so u can try out different strategy and collect different hero, current system forced players to overconcentrate and very hard to play other hero as the enhancement is too expensive, thus removing a huge aspect of hero collection games

HONs should have been the coin to allow this by seperating from WND but now it is destroying the gameplay and making gameplay stale
let the value accrue in WND or valuable NFT items than HONs


2 years ago

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