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PVP system based on Victories and not on points (CRITICAL and IMPORTANT POINT)

When you have a tournament, the winners are in front and not the other way around for a question of points.
It would be necessary to modify this important point, we think that it is very important to base the PVP and the matchmaking on the victories and not the number of points, to be based on a number of points is an aberration and is not a true PVP competition.
So we suggest as investors and players that the ranking should be based on the matches won in priority and not the number of points.
After if it is to decide between players with similar results, ok for the points but, the basic classification must be applied to the best players like any competition.
Thank you for taking into account this very important suggestion which will influence the future of the game and the Wonder Hero project itself...

Mayki | GTI

2 years ago

Mayki | GTI

it's much more normal to highlight the winners of the fights and decide between people at the same level with points.

But not advantage the point system to the detriment of players who win the fights

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