More chapters & stages release for Battle Mode

👍 Gathering votes

Currently there are only 13 chapters.

1 year ago

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Minhthuan Nguyenle

Please add more chapters, it's kind of boring when user fisnished chap 13

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We need to nerf lower tier drop% and drop quality. Ppl are abusing part break system AF to drop loot, completely stucked at 3-8 with 3skin/3wp afk farming 15min a day and depreciating the game at the same time. We need to incentive ppl to go through the lower lvls and play for big time. Same way u guys are thinkg about INFINITY we can replicate here: lower drop % with lower box quality for lower tier players. And every new chapter should nerf even more. Abuse the quest system to drop box at lower tier + incentivise their grown

  • give at most 2 weekly for new players, or cut off the weekly, or we can make it every 2 weeks, just double the requeriment and the time

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Currently it is good enough, I think. Please focus on other ideas.

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Neospace Hero

definitely good for the game since it adds continuity

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Please make sure to encourage more people to go to the endgame of the game! unfortunately in the current scenario end game players don't have many benefits, which doesn't stimulate much... sometimes people just want to make money so they choose to get a cheaper team and keep repeating phase 3-8 to farm part break. .. while in the end game the percentage of box drop seems to not increase... the rewards for tokens that increase but only when they drop... I believe that with the arrival of PVP it will encourage more people to make stronger teams, but in PVE it doesn't I see no stimulation for someone to finish all the chapters... i hope devs see that, because now is easy to join the game with low team budget and do alot of money... when end game is sad...

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noney roy

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