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Improvement on PVP AI - Hero area of damage and range is not fully utilized

A suggestion for developers to look into.
My Kagura Mai is a range attacker and can attack up to 3 rows at once (up, same row, lower row),
having the primordial set which takes away her basic attack but she gets to fire her Ultimate every turn.
Range being her attack can reach enemies 4 boxes in away from her.

However watching each match, I realize the AI system will prompt her to attack only 1 enemy hero when there are 2 others standing up and down of each other (which Kagura can attack and hit both in 1 turn, maximizing damage dealt).

Also, AI will bring her directly to the nose of enemy hero before launching attack. This allows the enemy hero to easily reach her (especially melee attackers) and damage her. What's the point of having a range hero (with lower base damage compared to melee heroes) when she doesn't utilize fully her range to avoid being attacked.


2 years ago

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