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Guide to play Playing Corner Kick Bets for beginner

When it comes to football betting, one cannot ignore the Corner Kick bet. In this type of bet, players don't have to worry about the match score or the outcome of the game; instead, they have to predict the number of corner kicks that will be awarded and place their bets accordingly. Below, we will provide you with the most comprehensive information about this type of bet.

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What is a Corner Kick Bet?
While following exciting matches in dynamic football seasons such as the World Cup, Champion Cup, FIFA, etc., football enthusiasts often want to be more than just spectators. To enhance the excitement and thrill of football matches, viewers can participate in placing bets.
The principle of this type of bet is extremely simple, allowing players to still watch the game and support their favorite team (even if the team is currently at a disadvantage against their opponent). Furthermore, corner kick bets are considered to have a high probability of winning, enabling players to quickly "come out ahead," which is why they always attract a large number of bettors. The betting odds for this type of bet will depend on the likelihood of occurrence in each specific match.
Currently, most players place bets based on intuition or rely on divine guidance. In contrast, only a few players take the time to research and analyze statistical data on corner kicks in past matches to make informed betting choices. This lack of effort leads to lower winning rates for players.

Calculating Corner Kick Bets - A Reference Guide
To make accurate predictions, players need to consider the characteristics of each team, each match, and different tournaments. In cases where both teams participating in a football match are highly rated, playing aggressively, and determined to win the game, the chances of a high number of corner kicks are very high. Reputable bookmakers in the market will offer odds either above or below a certain threshold, potentially ranging from over 10 times to under 12 times for corner kicks (over 10x and under 12x).
Participants should pay attention to the first corner kick situations in a match. Typically, bookmakers will offer odds for this within the first 8 minutes of the game.

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Types of Corner Kick Bets
Once you understand corner kick bets, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the necessary types of bets as follows:

Corner Kick Over/Under Bet
This type of bet in corner kicks requires participants to predict whether the total number of corner kicks in a match will be over or under a specified number. The "Over" option means that the number of corner kicks will be greater than the bookmaker's given number, while the "Under" option means the opposite. The Over/Under bet is commonly available for the entire match and the second half.

Handicap Corner Kick Bet
In the Handicap Corner Kick bet, players will encounter the use of Asian Handicap odds, with two teams listed as favorites and underdogs. Bettors will choose the team with a handicap or the team that is given a handicap based on Asian Handicap odds. The outcome of the Handicap Corner Kick bet is determined by the total number of corner kicks awarded to each team during the match. This type of bet offers attractive odds.

Odd/Even Corner Kick Bet
This is the simplest type of bet to understand. In the Odd/Even Corner Kick bet, participants only need to predict whether the total number of corner kicks received by both teams in the entire match will be odd or even and make their selection accordingly.

Last Corner Kick Bet
The Last Corner Kick bet, also known as "Last Corner," is similar to the First Corner Kick bet, except instead of predicting the team to take the first corner kick, participants have to predict which team will take the final corner kick in the match.

Next Corner Kick Bet
The Next Corner Kick bet, also referred to as "Next Corner," requires participants to predict which team will be awarded the next corner kick by the referee. Players then place their bets on the team that will receive the next corner kick.

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The above article has provided some answers to questions related to corner kick bets. Hopefully, these insights will help players achieve success and win substantial rewards when participating in this type of betting.


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