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Game upgrades need

I think there are few thing that's not included in pool and most important. I consider them(all 5) in block even the introduction may be sequential:
1) promised buy energy with wnd or hon(that will bring more use for wnd/hon for those who want play more)
2) instead of adding new heroes/equipments (which diluate existing balance) Better unlock hero LVl to 200 but with exponential harder gain (that because right now almost all players, even in gold league, are already reached lvl 100 and not use for potions-> not interesting to play pve).
3) redesign rewards in each league PvP (right now half of legendary league are getting no reward in time an average player from diamond or even gold they get reward, very unfair)
4) bring faster infinite war and assist challanges.
5) Manual play option in PvP (very important for keeping all players who are really dedicated to play) in same time with equipment count in defense (staked Nft will unequip the hero).


1 year ago

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