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Economy updates and in game incentives

Economic & incentive driven ideas to help the Wonderhero token and HON token hold more value as well as incentivising users to no instantly sell HON onto the market.

Remove WND completely from the game, have it as the overarching governing token and make everything cost HON in-game. That way, there is no correlation between the value of WND and the in-game economy. I would also introduce more incentives to keep HON and use it, I like the new NFT raffle and I think something like a "gamble vending machine" where you pay a certain amount of HON for a certain level of the machine and it gives you a random NFT. Bottom is 2 star, then 3 , 4 and 5 and each level costs exponentially more HON. That removes the need to dump HON on the market as well.

A shop where you could spend HON on upgrades like "Shorter energy cooldown" 5,000 HON to reduce the 2 hour cooldown by 2% or something (numbers not relevant at this time). "Increase chance of rarity drop" - 5,000 Hon which increases rarity by 0.1% or something. Just more incentives to use HON.


2 years ago

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