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Combine NFTs of equal or greater power to incorporate new options into your favo

Combine NFTs of equal or greater power to incorporate new options into your favorite NFT

1: Select the base NFT.
2: Select the NFT that has the option you want to add.
  This NFT will be BURNed.
3: Refer to the NFT power of NFT1 and NFT2, and depending on the difference in power, NFT1 will randomly acquire the second and subsequent options of NFT2.
(At least one if NFT2 power ≥ NFT1 power. Depending on the power difference, more than one option may be moved).

This would have the following effects

  1. You can create your own NFTs of value, which will surely be traded at a high price by users who enjoy PVP.
  2. A lot of WND and HON will be needed to make a valuable NFT.
  3. The market will be more active, as both NFTs with lots of stars but poor options, and NFTs with few stars but useful options, will be able to sell to meet the demand.

I think the possible problems from this are as follows

  1. Equipment that is truly unnecessary will remain, and it will become a negative legacy.
    (I think there needs to be an element to BURN this.)
  2. You can't port rare options from low stars to high stars that have been enhanced. (On the flip side, we can assume that a lot of WND and HON is needed to add options to those NFTs, once they go through the high star.)

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