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Buy Infinity War Ticket with WND

I like to play IW but feel frustrated for only one try per week.

Current Issue:

  1. People love it but they are limited by its entry restrictions.
  2. The reward system is not encouraging players.
  3. People are new , they do not know which nft is good before they physically try it. They are also hesitanting to invest 3 heros to play pve.

My idea:

  1. Sale Infinity War Tickets with WND
  2. Remove the entry chance and level limit.
  3. Zero free entry for all players, or zero reward if they do not have ticket (practice mode)
  4. Adjust Infinite War Reward

What's good with this:

  1. Help burning WND without hurting nfts base value (they have to pay to receive nft)
  2. Make the game more fun to players, they will have unlimited chance to play IW
  3. New players can "taste" the game with very little investment.

2 years ago

Willz Pacamz

Its is only good for people that have more money more player will be left behind and the players that are on the top will monopolyze the game.

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