A brand new day to new Features

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As we all know and talk about it, our beloved game need some features.
Our main goal is bring deflacionary mechanisms to the game, and a strong marketplace. And tbh i belive we need to burn NFT at all instances atm:

  • Burn a good amount of NTFs to mint new ones its a must have here. And i think we can add some unique feature like itens/weapons u can only drop this way, encouraging even more the burning. With real lower chances for great stuff PLS;

  • Swap Nfts/tokens into energy/tickets/LVL up NFT/boost xp, drop, pot drop, buff etc;

  • Burn NFTs + Tokens to reroll stats / burn a LOT to add stats;

  • Reduce lower tier rewards (infinity and battle) and create incentives (like filtering the rate and quality of the drop its a 1st way to go) to ppl push foward and stop being stucked at lower tier abusing part break system;

  • Fully focus on Marketplace, Burn Mechanisms and PVP rn.

  • Create a good and sustainable game and marketplace with good burn and utility for our NFTs

AllInOne ppl.

LFG to the moon, WonderCommunity.
Sheperd out.

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Thanks Sheperd. I have added your comment to a similar thread:


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