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2x is still too slow? Can give 3x?

1 year ago


and SKIP after 5 rounds.

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yep burn some hon for speedplay ,improve the game experience and the player can play more account

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This is so important for endgame players, when I am farming chapter 12 some battles take like 5+ minutes to complete.. A paid $HON subscription to get access to higher speed gameplay would be superb and also good for the economy. 3x 4x, even more maybe

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make it like subscribe, 1k HON a month to use the 3x speed

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It would be nice, it would help to repeat the steps faster!

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Hametaro Game

How about 1000HON payment can be made to 3X?

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Don't give it for free. I mean you should give it to players with some achievements or specific level.

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how about auto skip if already 3 stars in stage

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